Mahwah Staining & Sealing Services

Mahwah Staining and Sealing

If you are looking for the finest in Mahwah Staining and Sealing then you have certainly come to the right place. At Rent A Husband we professionally clean and seal pressure treated pine, cedar, composite lumber, gazebos, and exotic hardwoods. We have years of experience, methods, and techniques to re-new your outside decor. We offer power washing, and/or the use of environmentally safe chemicals, and professional applications of all exterior lumber weather sealers and stains.

Our main objective is to help take your aged and weathered deck or fencing and help make it look like new again. The name we have established for ourselves is founded on over two decades of quality work with staining and sealing wood. So let our Mahwah Power Washing contactor show you in person how our commitment to hard work has helped us earn the impeccable reputation we have.

Deck & Fence Staining

At Rent A Husband we use Wolman F&P Finish and Preservative Wood Sealer and Benjamin Moore Semi Transparent Stains to beautify and protect new or weathered wood from: rot and decay due to mold, mildew and other fungi attack, premature graying from UV exposure, and water damage caused by moisture absorption. Wolman F&P provides transparent color in natural wood tones that reveal and highlight original wood grain and texture. So we utilize Wolman Finish & Preservative Natural Tone and Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat Latex so you can rest assured you are getting the finest quality products for the best work possible.

Deck & Fence Sealing

Generally with any transparent seal, the pigment will wear off depending on how much sunlight the decking is exposed too. Do not believe any company that promises the deck will cosmetically look the same for 3 years because it will not. The norm in our area is to refinish your deck every other year; your deck will be protected for 3 years with this product but no guarantee that it will cosmetically look the same after the first year as the UV rays from the sun takes the pigment out of the wood depending how exposed the deck is. If you would like the deck appearance to last longer we recommend using a semi transparent/semi solid stain.

We can help you understand all of the essential steps in the process as well as assist you in making the best choices possible for your project. We want to help prolong the life of your deck and fencing, not just make it look good for now. Contact us today and let's set up an appointment for your Mahwah Decks & Fences staining and sealing.

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