Professional Roof Snow Removal and Ice Damming

Allendale Snow Plowing

New Jersey winters can be brutal. The combination of snow and ice through the dead of winter is more than just an inconvenience. It can also cause a tremendous amount of damage and become a hazard for any home or business owner in Mahwah and Bergen County. This is why Rent A Husband now offers snow and ice dam removal from your residential or commercial roof. Our experienced contractors have both state of the art equipment and extensive training in order to remove the snow from any roof no matter how much snow is piled up or what type of roof you have.

During hard blizzards and ice storms several injuries are reported throughout Mahwah. Many of these injuries occur as a result of homeowners attempting to do the work of a professional company. So of all the reasons why you should hire a professional company to do the job, safety is the primary reason. As ice and snow builds up on your roof, it become impossible to navigate while trying remove the snow and ice. Slips and falls are likely to happen, resulting in disaster. Removing the snow and ice yourself can also damage your roof, gutters, and other areas around the top of your home or business.

Rent A Husband utilizes safe methods and safety equipment that eliminates the chances of injuries happening. We can completely remove all traces of ice and snow while preserving your roof's surface with no damage whatsoever. Contact us today, and let us help you clean your roof in a safe and efficient manner. You'll be glad you did!

What Is Ice Damming?

An ice dam is a thick (almost impenetrable) layer of ice that forms around the edge of your roof and blocks snow or water from pouring off. Standing water on the roof will eventually leak through or hard into ice if the temperatures return to freezing. When the ice is backed up it becomes incredibly heavy to the point of causing a roof to buckle and crack or it creates gaps where water can run through. So, in effect, whether it's ice or snow, the dam grows upwards and can eventually cover your entire roof if it's not removed quickly.

Fast, Efficient Service You Can Depend On

One of the most important phone numbers on your refrigerators is Rent A Husband. When you have snow and ice building up on your roof, give us a call. We'll arrive promptly with all equipment and tools needed to do the job on the spot. We'll safely remove all traces of ice and snow and restore your roof back to normal. We are committed to helping you create a safe environment all around your house, so that you don't have to worry about walking out the door. We offer fast service, quality work you can count on, and affordable rates. Contact Rent A Husband today. We are the snow and ice experts.

Don't Let Ice Shut Your Business Down

We also offer snow and ice dam removal for all commercial properties in Bergen County. We realize that the daily operation of your business is crucial for both your staff and your clients and customer. So of snow and ice are keeping you from opening your business, call us immediately. We'll send a crew out to inspect your property and then quickly remove all traces of ice and snow. Don't let mother nature bring your work day to screeching halt. Keep the doors open with snow and ice dam removal service from Rent A Husband.

If you are looking for a Mahwah and Bergen County Roof Snow Removal and Ice Damming expert then please call 201-954-1448 or complete our online request form.

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